Dear client,
Works on our site are divided into three categories – original paintings, canvas prints and and hand-crafted items.
Original paintings and hand-crafted items we ship to any European country (except Russia and Belarus), North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Canvas prints are currently available only in the US.

For all items offered on our site we cover any applicable duties/taxes.
1) Shipping of original paintings

For standard-sized paintings, our flat shipping rate to any of the countries listed above is $129.
The rate includes an expert appraisal of the painting to be shipped. Required by Ukrainian law, the appraisal ascertains the contemporary nature of the painting thus preventing the elicit export of historical works. The shipping cost also includes all customs processing fees in Ukraine and the destination country.
Most shipments are by "Meest;" others by UPS or Federal Express. All provide tracking numbers for your shipment.
International shipments, including processing, typically take 14-21 days.
2) Shipping of canvas prints (US clients only)
For US clients, we offer prints on canvas which can be shipped anywhere within the contiguous United States. The shipping cost is included in the list price of the print.
Special rates apply for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or any US territory.

Shipments typically take about one week.

3) Shipping of hand-crafted items

The shipping cost of all of our hand-crafted items is already included in their list price. Items are shipped by registered air mail, which allows tracking in Ukraine and the destination country.

Shipping, including processing, typically takes 14-21 days.
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