Dear client,
All works you see displayed on our site are for sale. For your convenience, we have divided them into three categories - original works, canvas prints and miscellaneous hand-crafted items.
1) Original works
Original works are by contemporary artists in Ukraine, who have chosen to collaborate with us on the basis of a commission agreement. Unless otherwise indicated, all works are on canvas and frame-mounted and can be ordered if you live in any of the countries listed below. All prices are set by the artists themselves and are listed inclusive of our commission.
2) Canvas prints (US clients only)
Currently, our canvas prints are produced in the US only and available only for clients residing in the US. All canvas prints are custom-sized and frame-mounted. Available prints are divided on our site into two categories:
a) Prints of works by contemporary Ukrainian artists (based on a commission agreement we have with such artists for the reproduction of their works)
b) Prints of works by deceased Ukrainian masters (whose works we are permitted to reproduce under the Berne Convention, an international agreement governing copyright protection).

3) Hand-crafted items
Items created by contemporary Ukrainian designers and crafters. Our selection currently includes apparel and hand-made jewelry.

Payment forms
All payments are via PayPal, which also accepts major credit and debit cards.
Within the US, we also accept personal checks and money orders.

Countries to which we ship
All European countries (except Russia and Belarus), North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.
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