From the "Kozak Mamai" series - 63
$154 - $204
Necklace "Chervona Ruta"
Way Home
$151 - $199
Necklace "Echo"
Poltava Region
$61 - $84

Rozputniak Liubov

Rozputniak Liubov
Born in Kosiv, in the Hutsul region of the Carpathian Mountains. Currently lives and works in Lutsk, western Ukraine. Graduate of the Lviv National Arts Academy, Department of Textile Design. It was there that she studied the origins of Ukrainian folk costumes what inspired her to start creating ethnic jewelry with a contemporary flair. She believes that her creations can adorn a woman at any age and on any occasion. She points out that she only starts work on new projects when in the best of spirits, thus ensuring that each and every bead she touches exudes only positive energy.

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Coral Necklace

Code: ROZL80
Materials: natural coral
Natural Coral Necklace

Code: ROZL79
Materials: natural coral, Hutsul cross, brass
Ceramic Necklace

Code: ROZL78
Materials: handmade ceramic elements
Ceramic Necklace

Code: ROZL77
Materials: handmade ceramic elements
Necklace with Medallions #2

Code: ROZL76
Materials: Handmade ceramic elements
Necklace with Medallions

Code: ROZL75
Materials: Handmade ceramic elements
Necklace "Ethno"

Code: ROZL74
Materials: handmade ceramic beads, coin depicting St. Volodymyr the Great
Ceramic Necklace #2

Code: ROZL73
Materials: handmade ceramic elements
Ceramic Necklace

Code: ROZL72
Materials: handmade ceramic elements
Necklace "Red Flower"

Code: ROZL71
Materials: natural pressed coral, high-quality metal fittings, adjustable length
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