From the "Kozak Mamai" series - 63
$154 - $204
Necklace "Chervona Ruta"
Way Home
$151 - $199
Necklace "Echo"
Poltava Region
$61 - $84

Lypa Hanna-Oksana

Lypa Hanna-Oksana
Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine. Born in 1958 in Verkhniy Luzhok, Lviv region. In 1982, she graduated from the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art. Specializes in painting, and decorative and applied art. Produces works in cycles.  Among her major cycles: “Ave Maria” (1987-1998); “Muse – Dedicated to Ukraine” (1990); “Golgotha – Dedicated to the Repressed” (1990); “In Search of the Little Golden Fish” (1998); “The Hunt” (2001). Since 1990, member of the Ukraine Artists Union.

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