From the "Kozak Mamai" series - 63
$154 - $204
Necklace "Chervona Ruta"
Way Home
$151 - $199
Necklace "Echo"
Poltava Region
$61 - $84


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Norine (09.07.2015 - Edmonton, Canada)

My "Echo" necklace just arrived in the mail. Service was excellent. The necklace itself is very beautiful, the photograph did not do it justice, I am just thrilled with it and can't wait to wear it. Thank you to the designer!
Anya Kozak (17.05.2015 - Ireland)

Love, love, love your site! Long time due in Europe and the rest of the world. Very good selection of artwork at reasonable prices. Though, maybe 'Site for "customers", rather than "clients"?' Or even better just "worldwide or international shipping' and PayPal logo in the header? Just a friendly suggestion, it will sound a bit more gently. Thanks for the site!
olya powzaniuk (10.03.2015 - USA)

Nice page and happy to see your famous Lviv artist take center stage. I am an am-Ukr artist that has met with Ukrainian artists in Lviv. My suggestion: please follow the western naming convention and put "first name, last name" when you title the works. You don't even use a , (comma) to separate the two, but it would be easier if you follow the standard that the rest of the world follows. Russia & Ukraine are the only 2 places that puts the family name first. Even websites and publications have changed this convention.
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