About us

UkrainArt.com and UkrainArt.com.ua are part of and administered by


an umbrella project endeavoring to promote works by Ukrainian
artists, crafters and photographers.

The UkrainArt.com site has been custom tailored
 to cater to clients outside of Ukraine.

Our mailing address in Ukraine:

21 Lesia Ukrayinka Street
Lviv, Ukraine 79008
+38 (032) 23 55 665

Our US office:

LvivArt LLC
P.O. Box 10846
Alexandria, Virginia 22310

Feel free to reach out to us by email via our
Contact page

All messages are received by our representatives both in Ukraine and the US.

Featured in the masthead of our sites are paintings by Lviv artist Orest Skop.
Reproductions of his works are available through the following

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